These are the tools you should use to build the IR receiver.

1) Tweesers are really needed to bend the wires in such a precise way to fit exactly inside the serial box:


2) A good wire cutter is very recommended to have a fast and accurate cut of the pins:

Wire cutter

3) A little screwdriver if you optionally want to write down the serial number on your creation:

Tiny screwdriver

4) A cross screwdriver to close the Sub-D box:

Cross screwdriver

5) Scissors and insulating tape if you're unlucky enough to have a serial box made of metal:

Scissors and insulating tape

6) Solder and tin:

Solder and tin

New! Buy a mounted and tested receiver

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools
  3. Part list
  4. Circuit
  5. IR-receiver and Voltage regulator
  6. Diode and Resistor
  7. Capacitor and Wire
  8. Mounting inside the box
  9. Closing and serial number
  10. Links
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