This is the part list with pictures, description and a link where to find them: I've reported Conrad's part numbers; you can find all the needed components in this place easily and for a low price.

1) Sub-D 9-pin serial box [Conrad 711284]:

D-sub connector
Very standard component, avoid the metallized ones if you can.

2) Sub-D 9-pin female connector [Conrad 742082]:

Serial female connector

3) TSOP 1738 IR receiver [Conrad 171077]:

 TSOP 1738
Many other IR rceivers are avaiable on the market, althought not always easy to find. Check lirc receivers page for a better list.

4) 4.7 µF electrolitic capacitor [Conrad 460508]:

Electrolic capacitors are polarized, so you have to connect the ground pin to the right place; there are other kinds of non-polarized capacitors and as long as they have 4.7µF capacitance they will be perfect, perhaps only a bit more expensive.

5) 5V 100mA TO-92 78L05 voltage regulator [Conrad 183024]:

Voltage regulator
You must check the data sheet of your own voltage regulator; many devices have the input and output pins exchanged in position than the one I used. DON'T only refer to my pictures when you solder it. Of course you can use a device with max output of 150mA or more, but it's likely it will be a bit bigger thus more diffucult to solder inside the connector.

6) 4.7kOhm 1/10W resistor [Conrad 400335]:

I used a 1/10W resistor only because it's a bit reduced in size; a normal 1/2W one will be just as good, perhaps only slightly more difficult to fit inside the connector.

7) 1N4148 universal diode [Conrad 162280]:


8) Little piece of wire:


New! Buy a mounted and tested receiver

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  3. Part list
  4. Circuit
  5. IR-receiver and Voltage regulator
  6. Diode and Resistor
  7. Capacitor and Wire
  8. Mounting inside the box
  9. Closing and serial number
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