How to build a simple but cool IR (Infra Red) receiver.

This circuitry allows you to control your computer with a simple remote, like the one you already use for your TV-set. It's very useful when you want to control a DVD or an mp3 player without having to stay at the keyboard; I use it for VDR and now my pc is a full featured set top box connected to the television, capable to digitally record and replay satellite television, DVDs and every kind of digital content (mp3, divx). You can use LIRC for Linux or WinLIRC, the windows port.
I wrote this guide after having built few receivers; I've found a quick and easy way to hold all the circuitry inside the serial connector and I want to keep memory of this:
IR receivers
Let's see the 'ingredients' of this IR recipe: the circuit is rather simple, allowing to be built directly inside the 9-pin serial connector.
IR ingredients
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  1. Index
  2. Tools needed to build it
  3. Part list
  4. The circuit explained
  5. IR-receiver and voltage regulator
  6. Diode and resistor
  7. Capacitor and wire
  8. Mounting it inside the box
  9. Closing and printing the serial number
  10. Links
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